Sheikh Mand Pasha

Building name:Sheikh Mand Pasha          
ID number:3
Building type:Mausoleum/mazār
Site/place name:Jaddala
Measurements: N/A
State of preservation:Destroyed
Description:The building is located in a courtyard, which is delimited by a stone wall. It is a square-planned tomb chamber (cenotaph) with an antechamber. The tomb chamber is roofed with a polyhedral dome, while the antechamber has a flat roof. The conical dome is composed of 28 ribs. The door is rectangular and the chamber has two niches. The building is decorated with the image of the serpent. It belongs to the simple square type with antechamber.
Building/site biography:The mausoleum is considered to be effective against snake bites, as this is one of the attributes of Sheikh Mand. The shrine was destroyed by ISIS after the attacks of August 2014 and was rebuilt, with the tree in front of it, hosting silk tissues knotted to the tree branches. Against the wall of the ruins there was a broken stone with the relief of a snake and the flat roof was collapsed in the centre.
References:Açıkyıldız 2015: 176, 216.
A_HRC_32_CRP.2_en: 19.
Photograph: © Jérémy André 2016