Sheikh Amadīn

Building name:Sheikh Amadīn
ID number:11
Building type:Mausoleum/mazār
Site/place name:South-east of Balad Sinjar
Measurements: Antechamber 4.20 x 1.90; chamber 4.30 x 3.60
State of preservation:Destroyed
Description:It was a free-standing structure, plastered with lime and whitewashed. The building was composed of an antechamber and a rectangular chamber. The antechamber, in the north of the building and oriented east-west, had a flat roof, while the chamber was roofed with a conical dome, made up of 32 ribs. The door to the antechamber was rectangular, while the door to the chamber was round-arched. There were four niches in the chamber’s walls. In the mausoleum there was a stone column (stûna mîraza), on which oil wicks were lighted and wishes were made. A couple of serpents were represented on the external part of the doors. To the east of the mausoleum a second building was located: it was square-planned and had a conical roof.
Building/site biography:It was situated on the summit of Galê Bîrîn (Bîrîn Valley) in the southern Sinjar. In the mausoleum there was an inscription bearing the year 1400, which is accepted as the year of construction. The mausoleum cured stomach pain. The mausoleum was destroyed in 2014 by ISIS, but the exact date is not known.
References:Açıkyıldız 2015: 131, 157, 174, 208, 216.
Photograph: Açıkyıldız 2015
Plan: Açıkyıldız 2015: Fig. 23