Qutb al-Dīn Muhammad

Building name:Qutb al-Dīn Muhammad
ID number:13
Building type:Minaret
Site/place name:Balad Sinjar
Measurements: N/A
State of preservation:Destroyed
Description:The building was octagonal and was the minaret of the madrasa built by Qutb al-Din Mahmud ben Emad al-Din Zengi ben Aqsunqur, Zengid Emir of Sinjar. It was built of bricks coated with gypsum. There was an inscription that referred to its erection in 1202. The top part of the building was already collapsed, but according to accounts of travelers the minaret had two balconies. The sides of the minaret were decorated with niches framed with two rectangles surmounted by decorative panels, while their interior was decorated with eight-sided stars.
Building/site biography:The minaret is reported to have been destroyed by ISIS in 2015.
References:ASOR_CHI_Weekly_Report_33r: 53.
Photograph: https://archnet.org/sites/3839