Memê Resh

Building name:Memê Resh
ID number:6
Building type:Mausoleum/mazār
Site/place name:Tappa
Measurements: N/A
State of preservation:Destroyed
Date:12th century
Description:The building had a square plan, the chamber was roofed by a conical dome with 28 ribs. The opening consisted of one rectangular door. In the walls of the chamber two niches were placed. The mausoleum possessed a column where the oil wicks were lighted and wishes made.
Building/site biography:The saint Memê Resh was the chief of the forty disciples of Sheikh ‘Adī, considered the lord of the rain and the guard of the harvest. According to the account of Qasim Shevan (© Jérémy André 2016), the shrine was destroyed on 29 October 2014 by an ISIS special forces brigade, who besieged the area where the shrine was.
References:Açıkyıldız 2015: 131, 206.
Photograph: © Jérémy André 2016.