Khafuna Feqra

Building name:Khafuna Feqra
ID number:10
Building type:Mausoleum/mazār
Site/place name:Halayqiya
Measurements: N/A
State of preservation:Unknown
Date:13th century
Description:The building has a complex plan, made up of an antechamber and a chamber. The antechamber has a flat roofing, while the chamber is covered with a conical dome. The chamber has a square plan with two doors, one of which is rectangular, located on the eastern wall and is provided with three windows. In the chamber there is the sarcophagus. The chamber possesses a stone column (stûna mîraza) where oil wicks are lighted and wishes are made. The second door allows the passage from the antechamber to the chamber and is located in the northern wall.
Building/site biography:N/A
References:Açıkyıldız 2015: 157-158, 216.