The purpose of the main project is to guarantee psychological aid to assist the displaced Yazidis living in the IDP camps in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to overcome the traumas provoked by the activities of ISIS in the territories in which they used to live. It is especially important to apply healing therapies to women, children and teenagers, since these were the groups most persecuted by ISIS militants. The role of younger generations is particularly important, they will benefit from the process of reconstruction of the community’s social fabric, i.e. from support for the right to education of school-age children.

The safeguarding and preservation of cultural heritage includes assessment of the damage perpetrated against the Yazidi cultural heritage – mausoleums, shrines, graveyards – by ISIS militants during their occupation of the Sinjar region. The damage assessment will firstly involve recording the extent of the destruction carried out by ISIS. It will also provide data that will be of primary importance for the reconstruction of the religious buildings that were destroyed, which are gathering places for the Yazidi community and increase social cohesion within their society. If they are lost, the community will lose an important part of its social life.