The Project “Let’s give the Yazidis a future! Safeguarding and preservation of the Yazidis’ cultural heritage” is funded with the support ex L.R.19/2000 by the autonomous region Friuli Venezia-Giulia, to whom we owe our warmest thanks. To the project director Tiziano Agostini (Department of Life Sciences, University of Trieste) we are indebted for the opportunity of conducting the part of the project devoted to the cultural heritage of the Yazidis. For their support in the initial stage of the project we are most grateful to Mirza Dinnayi (Luftbrücke Irak), with whom we had the privilege to visit Lalish, Marzio Babille (Italian Consulate in Erbil), and the Ezidi Organization for Documentation in Erbil.

Regarding the research on the Yazidi destroyed sacred buildings, we are indebted to our collaborator Jérémy André for providing us information and pictures of the buildings in the Sinjar region, which were essential for the completeness of the data, since we could not carry out field research. For the translations we thank Ms. Ghazal Alabtah (United World College of the Adriatic), who was in charge of the Arabic language, and Mr. Dler Khalaf Awsman (United World College of the Adriatic), who was in charge of the Kurdish language.

A last but not less important thought that we want to share is for the Yazidi refugees who we met during our visits to Kabartu and other IDPs camps (Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan); we hope to meet them again, but in their homeland in Sinjar.

– Daniele Morandi Bonacossi (director)
– Costanza Coppini (archaeologist)
– Alberto Savioli (topographer)
– Jérémy André (journalist)